Comprehensive and prompt customer aftercare is as important to us as it is to you. And Medusa comes with a back-up service as reliable as the system itself.

Recovery & Cleaning

The best thing about Medusa is that your valuable stock is never stolen. A system activation only requires that your items be removed from the foam, and returned to you. We have established protocols with the leading suppliers to make the process as smooth as possible. First, the showcase is removed to our secure workrooms where the cabinet is opened, and the foam removed. Then, the watches are separated from the foam and cleaned, before being sent by courier to the supplier who performs a precautionary service before returning it to you for sale under warranty. We always aim to complete this process within 3 working days.


Duty of Care

The vision behind the creation of the Medusa specification was to reduce the number of smash-and-grab raids and to create a safe environment for staff and customers. For some retail jewellers, knowing what level of security is appropriate can be a challenge especially as the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 places certain duties on employees. A key requirement is the provision of a Risk Assessment in relation to violence in the workplace. Although the Act does not examine security measures, those you do implement may have health and safety implications. Furthermore – knowing about a security measure and NOT implementing it may expose you to prosecution. This is why we designed Medusa as a stand-alone system – requiring no input from staff to operate, but with inputs and outputs so it can integrate with existing security measures  as part of a layered approach and mitigating your Duty of Care obligations.

Insurance Advice

Making Insurance comprehensive and affordable is in everybody’s best interest. Talking to your broker about incorporating Medusa into your requirements can result in considerable benefits, because you no longer have to factor loss into the equation. A successful activation of the Medusa system means your stock does not leave the premises, so you only need to claim for the cleaning and repatriation of your stock, the replacement of any damaged fixtures and fittings, and the hire of temporary showcases until new replacements arrive. Furthermore, the Medusa logo will deter future attacks, enabling your insurer to reduce excesses, increase cover and eventually reduce premiums.


Replacement Showcases

We understand the importance of being able to trade as soon as possible after an attack. However, the replacement of bespoke cabinets is dependent on the supply of various components, and glass is the most critical. Laminated glass cannot be cut to size, so it cannot be held in stock, and as a result, a six-week lead-in time is commonplace. To mitigate this, we have secured preferential rates from Showcase Hire Ltd, the UK’s leading showcase hire company to provide showcases – to Medusa spec – until new units can be installed. The hire cost can be included in your Insurance coverage.

Police Liaison

After an attack, your showcase becomes part of the crime scene. So even if the theft was unsuccessful, the cabinet may hold valuable forensic advice that will aid arrest and prosecution of the thieves. We will therefore liaise with the Police on your behalf to ensure that we can return your stock as quickly as possible without jeapordising the police investigation.


Our patented foam system – at the heart of Medusa’s power – doesn’t damage your stock in any way. In this example, watch movements are completely unaffected, as are metals straps, bezels and buttons. And our extensive Aftercare service will take care of every little detail, as well as liaise with insurers, suppliers and police.

- Deters attack, prevents theft -

- Protects staff & stock -

- Lowers premiums -

- Saves reputations -

- Comes complete & self-contained -

- Full service aftercare supplied -

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