Technical Report: Live attack event

We launched our new high security showcase specification on Wednesday the 27th in front of an invited audience.

It  featured a live attack on a tower showcase constructed with  P7B frameless glass containing a detector unit and the foam system to protect five designer watches.

We took the opportunity to try a new configuration of delivery utilising six mixer nozzles in a semi-circle instead of the normal four at each corner. The objective was to get an even spread of foam around the tank.

The attack demo was successful. All the components worked and the alarm activated at the strike of the glass and the foam covered the watches, however, it was outside the eight-second target we set previously so we will revert to the four nozzle configuration in future specifications for this size of Showcase.

We also had an overspill of the foam from the frame. This was because we did not seal the glass to the frame in the test unit as we would do for production models.

We learned valuable lessons from this demonstration and we will continue to optimise and adapt the specification to provide an effective deterrent against current and future threats.