Technical Report: Does the foam damage the watches?

One of the most frequently asked questions we experience is “Does the foam damage the watches?”

With the foam ejecting into the glass tank with the consistency of chewing gum and reaching at 40 degrees celsius as it hardens, it’s a fair question.

So all our tests have used working watches and we are pleased that every watch movement has been unaffected by the foam. All the watches continue to keep accurate time without loss of features – crowns, buttons and bezels operate normally.

In regard to accessories – metal watches and bands are unaffected, however leather straps are discoloured by the adhesion of the foam so will need replacing.

We are taking the opportunity to try a number of foam removal techniques to eliminate any chance of damage during the process.  

The picture shows the four watches used in a recent foam test and that have been mounted in Display Cubes for sales and marketing purposes.