1. What makes Medusa better than other security systems?

Unlike most security measures, Medusa primarily protects the pieces, and is designed to deny the thieves their prize. The foam itself acts so quickly it cannot be overcome by an increase in ferocity, or more equipment – and it is this that provides the deterrent. And Medusa protects staff too, in that the system is activated without anyone having to personally intervene.

2. Does the foam damage the watches?

Watch movements are completely unaffected, as are metal straps and bands. Leather straps will probably need to be replaced. In regard to gems – stones and metal mountings are not affected, but enamels and laquers may be.

3. How long does it take for the foam to cover the valuables?

Medusa will cover your stock in an average of 8 seconds – the time depends on the size of the showcase. But whatever the size, the system is designed to work before the thieves can reach your valuables.

4. How long does it take to get my stock back after an attack?

Once the activated showcase is in our premises, it takes two working days to remove and clean the stock, and we then forward it to the original suppliers for service and appraisal. Normally, your stock will be returned to you – ready for sale – in less than a week.

5. Can the Medusa System be activated remotely?

Yes – the system in its standard configuration allows for activation by control room and off-site personnel.

6. I already have a fogging system. Is it compatible?

Yes – in the event of an attack, the standard Medusa configuration can activate the fogging system, and reciprocally, the fogging system can activate Medusa.

7. Can we see a live demonstration?

We occasionally give live demonstrations when we attend security exhibitions, where potential customers can see the system in action. We also film these in real time, and rather than repeat the demonstrations on an individual basis, share the footage that is most helpful to customers.

8. Can cabinets be any shape or size?

All current styles can be catered for – including wall cabinets. The only prerequisite regarding shape and size is that there is adequate space for us to make a drawer, or plinth large enough to hold the cylinders that contain the foam.

9. What's different about the glass used on Medusa cabinets?

We use laminated glass – up to a specification of P7B – and this resists attack long enough for the foam to cover the stock. And it contains an integrated detector too, to avoid accidental activation.

10. Can you retro-fit the Medusa system to our existing range on cabinets?

Reassuringly, most cabinets can be retro fitted, but we would need to conduct a site survey first to assess specific requirements for individual customers.

11. What is your repairs and servicing policy?

In the event of an attack, we can replace standard showcases within 48 hours. Bespoke cabinets may take up to eight weeks, but we can supply temporary standard showcases to cover this period.

12. How do I order cabinets from Medusa?

You can order our cabinets through our website, where you will find all the information you need. Here you can fill in the enquiry form, or give us a ring to arrange an appointment.

13. Does Medusa have Insurance approval?

Upgrading to a Medusa showcase will enable your Insurer to discuss more favourable terms with you – insurers do not generally approve any specific system themselves. We are, however, currently obtaining approval from Secured by Design – which is the ‘Police-Preferred Specification’.

14. How secure is our company information with you?

Your company information is totally secure with us, and we are happy to share the details of how we store and use data, on request.

15. I have more questions. Who do I ask?

We are always happy to answer questions about Medusa systems and our service. Just visit the Contact Us page on our website, then either send us an email, or give us a ring. We can also Skype with you.


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