Smash-and-grab is far from being a victimless crime. Ask any retailer. Every single raid brings violence, trauma and fear into peoples lives, damaging livelihoods and reducing vital confidence in our industry. And no insurance payout is ever going to compensate for that.
It damages something else too. And that’s the precious chain of appreciation and trust between our industry’s craftspeople, and their esteemed customers – between those whose love, passion and hard work is lost, and those who genuinely value it. And knowing the fruit of their labours is going to criminals who’ll fund further harm, like human trafficking, drugs and counterfeiting, adds unbearable insult to injury.
So, it’s the job of people like me to change the game – to finally ‘design out’ the crime; to help retailers create environments that entirely welcome the customer, yet effectively deter, or, if it comes down to it, systematically stop, thieves in their tracks – no matter what ‘they’ come at us with.
And that’s what Medusa is achieving. The ‘Gorgon’s Head’ logo alone discreetly declares your hidden strength. And if raiders try to breech it, they’ll rapidly learn you’ve decided to play by new, totally confounding rules – rules that seriously interfere with their heartless and destructive agenda.
Hilaire O’Shea, Founding Director