2 September, 2015

Meet Medusa at IJL

International Jewellery London (IJL) opens next week, and the experts behind revolutionary showcase security system Medusa are at Stand K50 between 6-8 September, ready to show the world how attack-proof showcases are changing the face of in-store security forever.

And we warmly invite you to join us. 

Fourteen million reasons to visit IJL Stand K50?

Last year, violent robbery in the UK cost our industry £14 million, and untold disruption and trauma.

“Traditional security measures have simply been failing us,” says Medusa chief developer Hilaire O’Shea, “and a truly effective deterrent to protect staff, stock and reputations was long overdue. And in many people’s opinions in the industry – we’ve actually delivered it.”

Deprive criminals of the prize – see how it works and meet the experts 

At Stand K50, Hilaire O’Shea will demonstrate the benefits and mechanics of the unique Medusa foam system – almost certainly the most innovative security measure at the show this year.

Medusa – named after the snake-haired Gorgon of Greek mythology whose stare turned onlookers to stone – is different to other systems, because it’s primarily designed around keeping your stock safe, not just protecting the retail environment. 

Filling the showcase with hard-setting foam in seconds when there’s a violent breach, Medusa puts valuable items out of reach almost instantly – leaving them undamaged and retrievable later, but inaccessible to thieves in the heat of the moment, guaranteeing they leave empty-handed.

The best system – full stop?

Medusa is being called by some commentators the most effective 'Smash & Grab' deterrent on the market. It is free-standing, self-activating, can be integrated with other security systems, yet is easy to install and comes with a full back-up service. 

It’s discrete and elegant too. Medusa can be supplied across a range of good-looking, tough, high-specification bespoke and ‘standard’ showcases, to suit any décor.

Other outstanding benefits include lower insurance premiums – Medusa’s ‘hidden strength’ was developed with the Police and leading insurers.

But seeing is believing – please do visit Medusa at Stand K50 at IJL between 6-8 September. 

We’d love to discuss what the Gorgon’s Head, or ‘Angry Lady’, could do to protect your business, too.

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30 June, 2015

What the Altrincham robbery tells us

As usual, they had it all planned out. Four men, black-clad, very aggressive, organised and well equipped, recently stole £186,000 worth of Rolex watches and gems in a violent smash and grab raid on a jewelers in Altricham, Greater Manchester.

Left traumatised – and bereft of valuable stock – the shop-owner and staff could be forgiven for wondering what had gone wrong. After all, they had planned ahead too – the shop’s security measures had all been in place.

They had a door guard, a fogging system, and – in all likelihood – laminated glass cabinets, too.

Yet all failed, in that the thieves achieved their mission, despite the security, and got away with the goods.

So what did go wrong?

  • The presence of a guard did not deter the thieves. He was overpowered and the money paid to the security company wasted.
  • Deploying eventually, the fogging unit did not prevent the theft. Again, money was wasted.
  • The presence of laminated glass was no barrier or deterrent either – staff were kept at bay long enough for cases to be breached.

Unlike the Medusa foam system, traditional security is failing to either deter thieves, or stop them getting what they want – criminals simply find a way around old measures.

Medusa’s specification is different. The Gorgon’s head logo alone tells criminals they will ultimately be deprived of the valuables, thereby deterring attack.

And should they ignore it, they will discover why insurers and retailers alike increasingly recognise Medusa as the final answer to smash and grab – because an instant and automatic sequence of events (that does not put staff in harms way) militates for one purpose. And that’s to deprive them of their prize.