The medusa system can be installed in almost any showcase type or model. And this means we can retro-fit Medusa to most customer showcases, or supply the system as an integral part of a new, high-specification unit.

Counter Unit

Counter Unit

Tower Unit

Tower Unit

Wall Vitrine

Wall Vitrine


If you are looking to upgrade your showcases to meet insurance requirements, or as part of a re-fit, we can provide freestanding showcases in a wide range of designs including double & single pad, double and single counters with corners, tower cabinets, wall vitrines and a new window display unit.

Once you have chosen your design, we can supply finishes that will integrate with most décor and colour schemes. All showcases incorporate the Medusa Specification: frameless laminated glass with detectors, high security locks, and the patented foam system.




A wide range of elegant wood and laminate finishes are available for both standard and bespoke products. Frame finishes include stainless steel, chrome and powder-coated colours. A wide range of lighting options is also offered.


Whether you are upgrading as the result of an insurer's recommendation, or an independently-planned refit, we can meet all your refit needs, including clear access, power provision and product training.


Insurance Advice

Making Insurance comprehensive and affordable is in everybody’s best interest. Talking to your broker about incorporating Medusa into your requirements can result in considerable benefits, because you no longer have to factor loss into the equation. A successful activation of the Medusa system means your stock does not leave the premises, so you only need to claim for the cleaning and repatriation of your stock, the replacement of any damaged fixtures and fittings, and the hire of temporary showcases until new replacements arrive. Furthermore, the Medusa logo will deter future attacks, enabling your insurer to reduce excesses, increase cover and eventually reduce premiums.


Trade Enquiries

Are you an established shopfitter with an established client base? You can now supply showcases to Medusa specification. Talk to us about incorporating Medusa into your customer's requirements.


- Deters attack, prevents theft -

- Protects staff & stock -

- Lowers premiums -

- Saves reputations -

- Comes complete & self-contained -

- Full service aftercare supplied -


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