Medusa has been developed to withstand the increasingly ferocious and sophisticated methods of today's ‘smash-and-grab’ thieves, and is a combination of several components – including a foam and detection system, and extra-strong laminated glass. Together they make a showcase uniquely resistant to smash-and-grab.


While our technology is unnoticeable to your clients, the Medusa logo indicates hidden strength, acting as a visible deterrent to criminals. The system can be retro-fitted to almost any cabinet – and is also available as an integral part of a range of new high specification showcases.

Medusa High Security Showcases are of superior construction and fitted with up to P7B laminated glass, 5-lever security locks and the MIBASafe Foam System, with no reduction in aesthetic appearance.


the medusa protection system is built on 4 key elements



Traditional toughened glass alone is no barrier during most smash-and-grab raids. Medusa specification demands the use of laminated glass: P5B and above – ensuring the showcase resists attack long enough for the foam to cover everything of value. To provide 360 degree security, the glass door is set into a rebated frame so it cannot prised open.


When the cabinet is attacked, foam is ejected into the glass tank at high speed – enveloping all valuables. The foam instantly hardens into an impenetrable block making it impossible for thieves to steal items – even if they do manage to penetrate the attack-resistant glass. Denying thieves their prize, Medusa provides a visual deterrent to future attacks. The protective foam keeps your valuables safe so they can be retrieved and prepared for resale.


Smash-and-grab relies on speed and surprise, so reliable detection is paramount. Medusa's 'Standard' activation methods are 'Glass Break' (sustained impact on the glass), and 'Panic Button' (either held by a member of staff, or remotely operated from a central station). The system can also be synced with other security products, such as motion detectors, fogging systems and door contacts, CCTV and audible alarms. And showcases located in temporary locations, such as exhibition halls and display areas, can also be protected against tilt and removal.


To achieve Medusa specification, cabinets are constructed resist attack with hand tools. This ensures the framework will resist attempts to break it open, and secure the glass against sustained attack, while providing the skeleton for a wide range of finishes.



Instead of chasing criminals after the crime, the Medusa logo protects, deters and reassures – giving you hidden strength, and an entire industry greater peace of mind.


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